The first year of QE’D

In Spring 2015, Totally QE’D read Algebra, Second Edition by Michael Artin, following the Math E222 Abstract Algebra Harvard Extension Course. We’ve been asked for pdf files with solutions to the problem sets. They will appear here as they’re completed.

Group Theory

Problem Set 7: First Isomorphism Theorem
Problem Set 6: Chinese Remainder Theorem, Casting out Nines
Problem Set 5: Fibers, Conjugacy, Normal Subgroups
Problem Set 4: Klein 4-group, Inner Automorphisms
Problem Set 3: Subgroups of the Integers, Cyclic Groups, Group Homomorphisms
Problem Set 2: Lagrange’s Theorem, Laws of Composition
Problem Set 1: Matrices

Modules and Vector Spaces

Problem Set 11 coming soon
Problem Set 10: Linear Groups, Change of Basis as Conjugation
Problem Set 9: Linear Independence in Function Spaces, Subspace, Dimension
Problem Set 8: Field Homomorphisms, Wilson’s Theorem